Elevenpark Playground Reno Udvar

    Ticket prices

    Period Weekdays and during school time Saturday, Sunday, during school break

    (0-2 years)

    Free Free

    Infant ticket
    (2-14 years)

    2.000 HUF 2.500 HUF

    Infant ticket
    Last 2 hrs

    1.500 HUF 1.900 HUF

    Adult ticket
    (over 14 years of age)

    1.000 HUF 1.200 HUF

    Adult ticket
    Last 2 hrs

    800 HUF 1.000 HUF

    Family ticket
    2 adults + 2 children

    5.400 HUF 5.900 HUF

    Family ticket
    2 adults + 3 children

    7.300 HUF 8.700 HUF

    Grandparent ticket
    if comes with grandchild

    500 HUF 1.000 HUF

    ELEVENPARK Reno Udvar birthday packages

    Prices are valid for one-time entry and until the end of the day.

    One discount can be used at once from the indicated prices, we can not merge more discounts.

    When shopping a ticket, please provide a documant that prove the age of the child. Be kind to notify us if you are eligible for the grandparent discount.

    An adult attendant ticket can only be bought with the purchase of a child ticket.

    Children between the ages of 14 and 18 can not be admitted individually for the smallest children's physical integrity, and in groups only after prior consultation.

    Payment options in our park:



    OTP Szép Card and K&H Szép Card
    (In case of personal purchase you can pay for tickets from leisure pocket and for food from hospitality pocket.)



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