Children's group

    Elevenpark playgrounds are great for receiving school groups or even kindergartens thanks to their large area and special gaming offer. Whether it is the yearly class excursion or even a special lesson, the Elevenpark will certainly be a memorable and meaningful program for children. With our discount offers, we try to make this special program available to as many children as possible.

    Our group discount offers are available for kindergartens, primary schools, non-profit associations and summer camps.

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    I want to go to Új Buda Center
    with my Kids group

    Új Buda Center

    I want to go to Reno
    with my Kids Group

    Reno Udvar


    Csocso Csop
    Ebed Csop
    Leg Csop
    Torna Csop
    Labdamedence Csop


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