Elevenpark Playground Új Buda Center


    Giant volcano

    Get on the top then go sliding!

    Clip n' climb!

    Try out yourself on these super climbing walls!


    Better than a rollercoster


    Wanna be a fire-fighter , police man or taxi driver? Get in the monorail cars and fly!

    Face to face

    Now it is more exciting!

    Electric cars

    Let’s go riding in the electric cars

    Roller slide

    A bit bumpy but worth it

    Adventure castle

    Let’s go climbing and crawling then sliding down ont he giant or roller slide


    Round and round like a horse on a carousel


    Choose one of the coolest kiddy-rides

    Get on the top!

    You can do it!

    Upper and upper!

    Are you persistent enough?!

    Bumper car

    Bumping is fun with this stumpy hovercraft

    For little toddlers

    Baby corner for the little ones

    Interactive bouncy castle

    Jump up and down and hit the flashing lights

    Big trampoline

    B-o-u-n-c-e ! You can’t get bored of it

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