Elevenpark playground house rules

    • It is forbidden to take any food and drink in the Elevenpark.
    • The Elevenpark is a playhouse in socks. Do not enter in shoes or in other street footwear.
    • Smoking in the entire Elevenpark is prohibited! Smoking only in the designated area is possible.

    House rules:

    Elevenpark is a special playground where you can find games that help children's motoric and intellectual development.

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all children and their attendants can spend time in the Elevenpark playground in a pleasant and safety environment in compliance with the provisions of this policy. By entering the Elevenpark, this houserule comes into force. Visitor adults or children will acknowledge all the provisions of this Policy and make every effort to comply fully with them without any special action.

    • In Elevenpark children can only enter with adult attendant. Young people between the ages of 14 and 18 can only enter the park with the family, with smaller brothers and adults, to protect the physical integrity of the smaller children. Adults without children can not enter the Elevenpark, so adult tickets are only sold with a child ticket. Exceptions to this are special events organized for adults.
    • In the park area, adults without children can enter the park only in an organized way, MYT, corporate event, team building training or during an organized visit for young people.
    • In each case, parents are solely and exclusively responsible for the physical integrity of their children.
    • In Elevenpark you are allowed to play only in socks or barefoot. For hygienic reasons, it is forbidden to enter the park in street shoes. Games should only be used in barefoot or socks. Please bring thick socks or hairy mamus. We do not accept other kind of footwear. No slippers or "indoor shoes"!
    • You must not bring any bags, rucksacks into the Elevenpark except the small women's handbag. Please use lockable cabinets.
    • For hygiene reasons and for avoiding various infections, no food or drink is allowed in the Elevenpark from the outside.
    • Necklaces and other jeweleries that causes injuries must be removed before entering. Sharp and spiky objects must be given over at the cash register before entering.
    • For valuable objects, eyeglasses, clothes and other items, the Elevenpark does not take any responsibility. If the objects disappear, the Elevenpark does not take any responsibility. Guests have to usethe safe lockers. Elevenpark does not take responsibility for any damages caused by the possible breakage of the locker cabinets. Only personal items and clothes can be placed in the lockers. A padlock can be rented for the locker, the deposit fee of is HUF 2000 / piece / day, which is only refundable on the same day.
    • All games and other equipment are required to be used properly. If the proper use of the game is doubtful, the guest have to inquire about the conditions of proper use from the Elevenpark employees. If you notice any malfunctions or damage, please inform Elevenpark.
    • In case of damage and shortage and in case of personal injury caused by items brought into the Elevenpark area, the Elevenpark excludes liability.
    • The person who caused damages and deficiencies in Elevenpark's equipment is required to compensate for the damage or deficit. The extent of this is the actual commercial value of the object. Any kind of injury involves a police report at all times.
    • The Elevenpark team's instructions must always be followed. In case of of a rough policy violation or for other reasons, a person who fails to comply with the rules may be forced out from the park. In case of a ban, the person concerned shall be required to leave the park without the reimbursement of the ticket price if the security guard or the park employee so requests.
    • If an accompanying person leaves a child alone and leaves the Elevenpark, he or she will do so at his/her own risk. Elevenpark does not assume any responsibility for the child, for damage made by the child or for an accident.
    • Elevenpark does not undertake the custody and supervision of children. In each case, the parents are obliged to take care of their children.
    • The attendant person is responsible for the fact that the children are healthy without exception and have no infectious disease.
    • When entering the park each visitor agrees that Elevenpark can use the group photos and video recordings taken in the park grouped or scanned for promotional purposes, in which the guest may be appeared.
    • Use Elevenpark's games at your own risk.
    • The purchased ticket entitles you to a one-time entry and can not be transferred to another person!



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