COVID regulations

    It is not necessary to wear the mask in the following cases:

    • Under the age of 6
    • Under the age of 14 while using the park's toys
    • for our guests who eat or drink in the bistro area


    Are there any toys in the park for children under the age of 3?
    Yes, a separate baby corner has been created in both parks where those games can be found, but in addition, the smaller ones can play with parents together with most of the games.
    Is there air conditioning in the park? What is the temperature?
    Yes and there is and usually 25 degrees.
    What kind of clothes should I wear?
    Sporty and comfortable clothes that are suitable for playing. In Elevenpark you are only allowed to play in socks or barefoot. For hygienic reasons, it is forbidden to enter the park in street shoes. Games should only be used barefoot or in socks. Please bring thick socks or mamus. We do not accept other footwear: no slippers nor "home shoes"!
    Should the shoes be put off even if the child does not go to the games?
    Yes, everyone's shoes must be put off. You can be here in socks or barefoot or in a fabric-soled slipper.
    Does the locker have a deposit?
    Yes, the deposit fee of the padlock is HUF 2000 / piece / day. The deposit is only refundable on the same day.
    Is it possible to bring food / drink from outside?
    Should I book in advance in case of normal / individual visits?
    Do we accept SZÉP Cards?
    Yes, OTP and K&H SZÉP Cards are accepted in case of personal purchase.
    What to do if something is lost in the park? (Lost property)
    We collect a lot of lost items in the park every day. We can not provide information about these valuables on the phone or in e-mail. You have to come back and find the lost item among the items we found. We can provide information about precious lost valuables (phone, documents, purses, etc.), but the item will be given to the owner only after a verification.
    Can adults enter the playground?
    - Young people between the ages of 14 and 18 can only enter the park with their family, and with smaller brothers and accompanying adults, to protect the physical integrity of smaller children. - o Adults (over the age of 18) can not enter the Elevenpark without children, so adult tickets are only sold together with a children's ticket. Exceptions are special events organized for adults only. (JátszóParty, Move Your Team, etc.)
    Do we undertake babysitting?
    How many hours of stay contains the entry ticket?
    The ticket includes one-time entry, it refers to an unlimited period of time during the opening hours.
    Is the playground open on public holidays?
    The playground is closed on 24 and 25 December, but it is open for the rest of the year even on holidays.
    Is it possible to lock up the valuables?
    Yes, we have lockers. Key is available at the reception for a deposit of 2,000 HUF, which will be returned after giving the key back at the reception.
    Can a cake to be taken in to a birthday party?
    A cake can be taken in only with HACCP paper. We still provide the cake in the package and the package price remains the same. If you want to bring only one or two slices of cake due to food allergy, you will still receive the cake in the package included, but you will need to have a HACCP paper.
    Can we pay by SZÉP card in the buffet?
    Yes, it is possible from „Hospitality” pocket.
    We want to celebrate birthday, but we just ask for a cake, is is possible?
    Cake can be bought depending on the stock, price of 16 sliced cake is 6000 HUF / pcs. We can not provide own table. It is possible to eat the cake in the buffet, depending on available places. For the cake with the value of 6000 Ft we provide plate and a knife of course.
    When should the number of birthday party participants be specified?
    No need to specify, you always have to pay as many as they are. At least 6 children tickets must be paid in any case.


    Can a Játszóparty ticket be purchased on site?
    Yes, it may be, if we did not run out of pre-purchased tickets. We always communicate this on our Facebook page. If pre-purchased tickets are sold out, we can not sell a ticket on site.
    Do Játszóparty tickets need to be printed in any case?
    No you can show your tickets on your phone.
    When is the upcoming Játszóparty?
    You can find out more information about the upcoming Játszóparty dates on our website and on our Facebook page.


    Is it possible to pay by debit card in case of a group ticket purchase?
    Is there a possibility of paying by bank transfer in case of a group ticket purchase?
    Yes, if the customers send all the necessary billing information in advance.
    Is there a possibility to apply for a VAT invoice?
    Arriving at the venue, please notify us about your VAT invoice request.
    If the number of group would change, shall we nofify you about that in advance?
    The change of 2-3 participants does not need modification because the final number of people will be paid upon arrival.
    How much is the price for a school group on weekdays?
    For a school group with less than 20 children 1600.- HUF / person, over 20 children 1400.- HUF / person. These rates apply to child tickets. Adult attendant ticket price: 600 HUF / person.
    Does an adult attendant have to buy a ticket?
    Yes 600.- HUF / person on weekdays.
    Does a teacher have to buy ticket?
    No, 3 teachers can enter for free with children's groups of 20 members.
    What kind of school group ticket prices are valid at weekends?
    1800.- HUF / person for the child, 800.- HUF / adult person. Entry for teacher is free.
    Is it possible to inquire on the phone?
    Yes, please provide your phone number by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we call you back within 24 hours.
    How can we book a date as a school group?
    On our homepage under the „groups” menu you can send us a message with your offer request.
    What should be done as a first step in case of group booking?
    Please fill in the form under the „groups” menu on our homepage.
    If the trip program changes, can we modify the booking?
    Yes, please send an email with your modification request.
    How long does the booking take for groups in Elevenpark?
    For 4 hours.
    Is there a parking opportunity at Elevenpark?
    Yes, free parking is available at both of our parks.
    Are we able to park by a bus at Elevenpark?
    Yes, there is parking lot at the entrance with the opportunity of free parking.
    Is it possible for children to consume liquids for free in the Elevenpark?
    Yes, we put out pitchers of water for our groups.
    Does the amount shown at group ticket prices include lunch for children?
    Not included. The lunch menu is ordered separately. It costs 600 HUF / person.
    If it is raining could we come to the park?
    Yes, it is possible to come on a rainy day.
    Does rainy day booking have a financial impact?
    No, you just have to cancel on the day of the trip, if the weather is good.
    Is the ticket to be paid in advance or on site?
    The tickets can be paid by bank transfer in advance or by cash or card on site.
    Is it possible to go to Elevenpark beyond the opening hours?
    Yes, we open the park from min. 50 people.


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