The 4 most important information before you come to Elevenpark!


    In order to have a smooth entry and cloudless fun in Elevenpark, we have collected the most important information for you.

    1. Fill out the declaration of responsibility!

    You can only enter the playing area if you have familiarized yourself with the House Rules beforehand. For birthday and group bookings, it is essential to submit a declaration of responsibility. Registration is required to use the climbing walls, and you may only enter the area of the climbing walls after completing it.

    2. Padlocks for dressing cabinets are issued for a deposit!

    Locks can be rented in our park, for a deposit of 2,000 HUF/lock, which will be returned when you leave the park. Please be prepared for this and, if you have the opportunity, bring 2,000 HUF with you so that we don't increase the waiting time with the exchange

    3. Information for entry!

    The prices are for a single entry and are valid until the end of the day. It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink from home into our playhouse. You can only enter with socks or bare feet. The use of change shoes or slippers is prohibited.

    4. Full house may occur

    If you want to make the most of your playing time, you should arrive on time. Our capacity is limited (in rainy, cold weather, or on holidays and weekends, we often have full house), in such cases, we are only able to let a limited number of guests in, and sometimes you have to wait.


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