Cyberjump trampoline park House Rules


    1. General information

    Cyberjump trampoline park is being operated by Elevenpark Kft.

    Cyberjump trampoline park may be used only in accordance with its designation and with the present House Rules. In case of questions, please turn to staff member.

    No commercial activities are allowed inside Cyberjump trampoline park, including promotional/merchandising activities, commercial photo-shooting.

    2. Access to Cyberjump trampoline park

    Access is conditional upon the following:

    1. Valid ticket (exemptions may apply)
    2. Registration, including signing of various statements
    3. Stable physical and mental status (see below)
    4. Age of at least 4 years.
    5. For safety reasons, no jumping with a weight exceeding 110 kg.
    6. In case of 4-5 years old minors: Adult escort (at least 1 person), who is authorised to be escort and who has signed the Individual liability statement in the name of such minor. Purchasing a ticket for an adult is also mandatory.

    No food or beverages, no smoking allowed in the whole Cyberjump trampoline park.

    No big bags. Lockers are available at the entrance (to be used only for regular personal belongings, no valuable articles).

    It is not allowed to enter the Cyberjump trampoline park under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotic drugs, other mind-altering substances or in case of suffering of any disease that would hinder the guest in the use of the park in accordance with its designation or that would cause disproportionate danger to the guest himself/herself, third persons or to the Cyberjump trampoline park. At entering the park, the guest shall have the physical and mental status necessary for the responsible use of the Cyberjump trampoline park, in particular to have the appropriate discipline, self-assessment and risk assessment.

    3. Use instructions for the Jump area

    Before jumping, please watch the whole safety video.

    No jumping in case of pregnancy.

    No shoes. Jumping is allowed only with trampoline socks (available at the entrance).

    Wearing of sporty cloths is necessary. No glasses. No open zips, loose ribbons etc. No caps. Long hair must be tied together. In case of questions, please turn to staff member.

    While jumping, no other items except clothing allowed (no keys, necklaces, accessories, watches etc.)

    Mobile phones, video cameras or photo cameras can be taken to the trampolines by everyone only at their own risk. We can not take responsibility for these. If any of the aforementioned devices causes someone an injury or injure someone else, the park operator can not be liable

    Start with easy trampolines and warm up.

    Use trampolines responsibly at all times. Any disproportionate danger is to be avoided. Make sure you stay concentrated on jumping at all times.

    Watch out for other participants at all times.

    No harassment of others whatsoever. Harassment will lead to immediate exclusion from the Cyberjump trampoline park.

    No saltos & dangerous tricks.

    No body-checks & pushing.

    No synchronised jumping. No catapulting.

    While diving into the foampit pool, make sure you will dive in a large-scale body position. Diving in headlong or with feetlong may cause serious harm.

    No climbing onto and over security fences and nets or onto games/equipment. Do not touch objects sticking from the ceiling.

    No cross-jumping. Always jump in the middle of the jump fields. Falling on the frame of the jump fields or in between jump fields may cause serious harm.

    Make sure your tongue stays in your mouth. No chewing gum.

    For relaxing, leave the jump area. No sitting or lying.

    Further instructions apply as shown at the various games.

    For leaving the jump area, no “off-jump” is allowed.

    4. Observance of instructions

    Instructions given by the Cyberjump team are to be observed at any rate. In case of not following of instructions whatsoever the guest may be expelled from the Cyberjump trampoline park without any ticket fee reimbursement or other compensation.

    5. Risk warnings, liability

    The use of Cyberjump trampoline park itself bears accident risks. It bears increased accident risks in case the guest is overestimating his/her personal physical and mental abilities and thus does not use the park in accordance with its designation.

    There is no medical expert is on duty.

    Using the games & equipment of Cyberjump trampoline park is at own risk. The operator of Cyberjump trampoline park may be held liable only in case the condition of the games & equipment does not meet the regulations pertaining to their safe and designated use. In particular, the operator is not liable for the actions of other guests.

    Any actions of third parties causing disproportionate danger shall be reported.

    Any damages caused by the guest shall be reported and reimbursed.

    Adults escorting minors are liable for such persons in all directions.

    6. Administration of claims

    For liability insurance reasons any damage claims have to be on one hand immediately reported on site (next to taking an accident minutes together with Cyberjump staff), on the other hand by determining and quantifying claims within six months in writing.

    7. Camera usage, making pictures and videos

    The guest when entering cyberjump trampoline park accepts - by consent implied by conduct - that the operator make group or landscape videos (mass recordings) and use these pictures and videos online (webpage, facebook, Instagram, youtube, google+), besides the controller operates electronic surveillance equipment (cameras) in the Cyberjump trampoline park. The Controller expressly draws the attention of the guest to this fact at the time of entry.

    8. Exit from Cyberjump trampoline park

    After exiting Cyberjump trampoline park, your ticket expires (exemptions may apply).

    V04 - Budapest


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