Elevenpark Playground Reno Udvar

    Group Discount Offers


    Became clever
    while movin’ package

    For school-, kindergarden groups and kids camps

    Valid: During school time from Monday to Friday (ex. school holidays, bank holidays)

    During summer shool break from Monday to Friday

    At a pre-agreed date booked at least 2 weeks earlier

    4 hours entry

    1 token per child


    Get discount on price from 10 children

    Less than 20 children: 1600 HUF /child
    600 HUF/person for adult attendants
    teacher free

    From 20 children: 1400 HUF/child
    600 HUF/person for adult attendants
    teacher free

    Available kids' menus - 600 HUF/person
    A: Chicken bites (4 pieces) with french fries + 2 dl soft drink
    B: Hotdog 1 pcs + 2 dl soft drink

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